h 24cm - 2,6kg - white marble, beeswax

Tara means star in Sanskrit. She originated …

Here you find a selection of my work.
Please feel free to contact me for further information.
You might need to see more pictures or see other stones,
maybe in a specific color or size.
You are very welcome to visit the stones in my house and garden.

Feli Margarita
h 23cm - 5,5kg - stone, beeswax
You love me, but you don’t quite understand …
The Fool
h 25cm - 8,5kg - stone, beeswax

A very free spirit that follows it’s heart!

King Arthur - SOLD
h 14cm - stone, beeswax

No one’s ever done it before. What makes you …

h 26cm - 10kg - stone, beeswax

Pojken dricker mjölk och …

Mini stones
Here you find a selection of small stones

From 65€ – 190€

h 32cm - 6kg - green marble from Vagnhärad, beeswax

Über das Wasser wehte Musik herüber …

h 37cm - 11,5kg - stone, beeswax

Mani, the moon god

h 28cm - 8,2kg - stone, beeswax

You remind me of my childhood. The golden…

h 23cm - 5kg - green marble from Vagnhärad, beeswax

Zeus wanted to give his son Heracles, who’s …

h 20cm - 3kg - stone, beeswax

Der ewige Traum

Jesus, Joh 6:56
h 26cm - 6kg - stone, beeswax

Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood…

h 20cm - 4,3kg - stone, beeswax

Willst Du Gersten, Erbsen, Zwiebeln dick, so …

h 28cm - 3,6kg - stone, beeswax

Kennst du das Land, wo die Zitronen blühn, …

h 23cm - 5kg - stone, beeswax

… and there it lay, the great pearl, perfect as …

h 30cm - 6,3kg - stone, beeswax

Pasiphae fell in love with the …

h 30cm - 14,5kg - stone, beeswax

Ullr appears in the myths as …

Art commissions
any size - any weight

In every garden is a stone

I'll wait for a while
h 22cm - 5kg - stone, beeswax

Wenn der Brief in seine Händ kommt – …